Pub Crawl 2008

Leixlip House Hotel – Galway Girl by Geraldine Aaron, Directed by Brenda Cahill

This moving play explores the plight of an Irish working class wife who tries to keep family and finances together


Ozone – Box Office by Elinor Jones, Directed by Tom Byrne

A gay guy has worked at the box office of a long running Off-Broadway hit for many years. He has just had his 32nd birthday lost his lover of six years and is convinced he will go mad if he has to say “Jellybeans can I help you?” once more.



Ozone – The Actors Nightmare by Christopher Durang, Directed by Joe Bergin

George Spelvin finds himself inexplicably backstage one day. He is informed by the stage manager that he has to go on! So begins a nightmare rollercoaster where George is bounced from play to play (Coward, Shakespeare and Beckett to name a few) to hilarious effect