Pub Crawl 2007 – Preview

Leixlip House Hotel – Wandas Visit by Christopher Durang, Directed by Joe Bergin

In Wanda’s Visit, we meet Jim and Marsha. Married for 13 years, the spark has gone out of their marriage. This is complicated by the unexpected arrival of Wanda, an old girlfriend of Jims from high school, a spacy and ceaselessly demanding guest from hell. Jim and Marsha are dragged into Wanda’s wacky world for a real rollercoaster ride – nightmarish for them but great fun for the audience!


Courtyard – Pillow talk by Peter Tolan, Directed by Tom Byrne

‘Pillow Talk” puts two heterosexual male friends in embarrassing proximity. On a transcontinental automobile trip they stay overnight in a mobile home, and are forced to share a bed. The author works infinite variations on the bedding arrangement, beginning with one mans acute discomfort and the other’s equally acute desire for sleep.



Ryevale – A Little Box of Oblivion by Stephen Bean, By arrangement with Plays And Musicals. Directed by John Duggan

A woman asks a man in a park to mind a sealed cardboard box until she comes back. She leaves it on the park bench and rushes off. What could be in the box ? Four people in the park have different ideas. They share their thoughts with each other, to comic effect.